Hi, I'm Anna

I’m a Munich based Industrial Designer, currently writing my master thesis at Umeå Institute of Design.


A kids toy for a playful approach to sustainability education.

Joul was created in a two-week, interdisciplinary design sprint and is an exploration of how design could introduce future generations of kids to our planet's resources. It gives parents a tool to raise awareness and introduce their children to sustainable thinking in a playful way.


A health assessment system that supports first responders in large incidents.

Omnia looks at the complex scenario of first responder collaboration and how this could be optimized in the future. The project focuses on a user-centered design approach and was done in close collaboration with first responders in a very iterative design process, between exploration and validation.


Master Thesis Intro

A Circular Approach
to Eyewear

I am currently working on the master thesis in collaboration with Leica Camera and will be graduating in June. In this project, I will be developing a circular eyewear service and product design strategy for Leica's new eyewear segment. The project was approached with the goal to learn more about the sustainable product development process, as well as, what this could mean in future product and service development.

Feel free to reach out if you would like to hear more or have a chat! More coming soon!


A new monitoring solution to support nurses during challenging patient transports.

Patients arriving at hospital ICU's are in a very critical state, requiring constant monitoring and support by life-sustaining machines – a great challenge when transporting patients to other parts of the hospital. The IVIO monitoring system tackles this problem by simplifying the transport process through a redefined patient monitor and transport screen for universal use.


the gauge

Designing for

Taking a common electronic device and envision a new way of material use and construction for disassembly and refurbishment. This project experiments with the use of materiality for longevity and indicating lifecycles.


The homey airpurifyer.

Matteo is an intelligent air purifier that enhances indoor wellbeing. By adapting its cleaning cycles to the user’s living habits and raising awareness of the air quality, it leads toward a cleaner and more healthy lifestyle. With its playful minimalist appearance and slightly analog touch, Matteo is designed to fit the home environment.



Durable Kärcher Outdoor Waterstation

Current generations of kids are born into an increasingly digitized world with power always at their disposal. Knowing about the current climate crisis, parents can use Joul to explore how the energy cycle works and introduce the concept of sustainability to their child.

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